General Information

Dr. Ingrid Chung is a certified USCIS civil surgeon. She is approved to perform examinations for individuals seeking permanent residency.

The medical examination includes an interview, a physical exam, a tuberculosis(TB) skin test and a blood test for syphilis. During the exam a review of your vaccination record is done and any required vaccines can be administered during the same visit.

Because the TB skin test requires a reading, you would need to return for a second visit 3 days later. By that time, the syphilis blood test result would be available. If your appointment is on Thursday, you can come in on Monday for a reading.

Upon your return revisit, if all tests are normal and your vaccination record is complete, you will be given a complete I-693 form in a sealed envelope for USCIS, as well as a copy for your records.

USCIS examinations will not be covered by any insurance carrier. We accept cash and credit. Our office will be upfront will all pricing when you arrive. The original examination fee does not include any additional tests that may be required based on the initial assessment. For example, a positive TB skin test requires a chest X-ray to be done and a positive syphillis blood test requires a second confirmatory blood test.

Please do not hesitate to call us with questions. To make an appointment please call us at (703)-378-3508.

Preparing for your visit

    The immigration process can often be a stressful one and our office wants your process to be as efficient as possible. To avoid multiple visits, please bring in any vaccination records you have, including childhood vaccination records.

    Please note that the physical exam includes an external genital exam to rule out sexually transmitted diseases.

    You do not need to fast before the exam. If toy have a tendency to faint when your blood is drawn, drink plenty of fluids before coming in.

    Most importantly, please bring an official photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, birth certificates, or a state ID.